I spent most of today resting. All the practices and the high of the performance yesterday called for today to be a day of rest. My neck is a bit sore today from the Khaleegi, but other than that, I feel pretty good.

I think the show went well. Many people I respect said very kind things, including Nepenthe who was kind enough to even write a review of the show last night on Facebook (and be present with a huge sincere smile on her face). It’s really touching to see that people are supportive in the community. Speaking of community, this being one of the only student shows I’ve been in, it was neat to see how everyone did pull together the night of the show. Things have been stressful, and yet, we’re all willing to lend a hand to help people change costumes, make sure everyone looks good, share snacks, etc. With 4 costume changes (or 5, if you were a soloist), we all worked together as team to make sure things happened as scheduled.

The show was fun. I think we did well. I know there were parts I didn’t do so hot (my fan veils and I were too close to the curtain, so the silk couldn’t go back when it needed to, and that caused issues), but I kept going since there is no other choice. I think it overall went well, and most importantly, people enjoyed it. It was a really good evening overall. The Modern Oriental was a good opening number. My favorite to do was the Saidi, but I heard most praise on the Khaleegi. My SO loved how the hair tossing looked at the end (and somehow missed that I almost fell backwards when sitting up after that). In Nepenthe’s review, she wrote that she enjoyed this piece, because it made a social dance interesting to watch. I admittedly am not fan of watching most Khaleegi, simply because it isn’t that dynamic on stage. However, Meiver made the dance like a party and gave us all different roles to do, while still making the dance cohesive and performance-worthy.

The MataHari people are absolutely fantastic. They were very kind throughout the evening and so appreciative; they even purchased flowers for all of us. It felt good to do something for such kind people who work for such an amazing cause.

I couldn’t see any of the show, unfortunately, but judging from the applause, it sounded like it was enjoyable. We haven’t heard a tally of how much money we raised for MataHari, but I wasn’t expecting to hear that yet. I imagine Meiver is rightfully resting. If you are interested in giving money to MataHari or reading more about them, please go here.

The experience certainly had its ups and downs, but I really enjoyed learning these dances, being forced out of my comfort zones, and getting to know some of my classmates better. A few of us were talking about what we had hoped to get out of this experience. I definitely ended up with what I had wanted (troupe/group experience, growth as a dancer, etc.). It’s a little strange to not be at Meiver’s studio tonight with everyone, like the routine has been since May.