In my R&R time, people have posted photos of the show from Wednesday. We look really good. I was particularly relieved that my makeup wasn’t too much or too little; my SO thought it was too much, but he also the type of person who thinks women look better without makeup than with it. I think he marginally understands the need for stage makeup. Although others said my makeup looked great, I like having proof for myself.

On a shallow note, I was especially happy to see that my foundation worked. Finding the ideal foundation is difficult for me. I’m not very good at getting the right color and then I often find myself with something that I’m allergic to or wears oddly on my skin. I settled on Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation. Although it’s pricey, a little bit went a long way. I also think the foundation is somewhere between something I’ll wear often but not so often that it’ll needed replaced frequently, if that makes sense. I also really love the pump delivery, since I prefer to apply my foundation with my fingers vs. a brush; I’ve had foundations with bottles that don’t have pump, and it’s much trickier to get the right amount.

I applied my foundation at 3:00 in the afternoon. After changing clothes 5 times (into 4 costumes and then street clothes) and performing 4 times, it was still going strong at 11 PM when I washed it off. If you’re looking for a good foundation for performance, I’d say this one definitely is worth checking out.