I recently decided to do a better job cooking for one person (myself). I’m mediocre at it. Cooking for one is difficult, because ingredients come in large quantities. I eat leftovers, but there have been times where I eat the same meal 4-5 times in one week. A delicious meal isn’t as good if you’re eating it that often. I also don’t want to be wasteful with ingredients. Firstly, I don’t like throwing out food or dealing with rotting, molding food. Secondly, I don’t want to waste money. Being a grad student who is only supported by a stipend and scholarship money means I have to be careful with how my money is spent. I don’t have to eat Ramen every night, but I also cannot buy exotic fancy foods or waste non-exotic, non-fancy foods. Grad school also means not a lot of time to shop, prep, cook, etc. The other qualifier is that I’m vegetarian, so I think may impact cheap and quickly made food, but I’m not sure.

My Google searches have came up with a few blogs that I will read soon; there is backlog in my life. However, I figured I’d ask here if anyone has any good blog suggestions on this topic or has tasty recipes to offer.