The title says it all. Last week was particularly busy, because I had work due, dance stuff out the wazoo (two Bharatanatyam classes and Meiver’s fan veil workshop), and my teeth were getting the dental care that they so desperately needed.

Boston University’s Dental School offers a fairly low-cost dental plan for most students in the Boston-area (check to see if your school is listed). Dental insurance is incredibly difficult to obtain, period, let alone to get for a reasonable price. For about $300 per year, I can get my teeth cleaned, my cavities filled, and a few other services. Nothing fancy like root canals or crowns, but having had to pay out of pocket for the basics, $300 is a steal price for basic care.

The person treating you is a student, but despite hearing horror stories about student dentists, I have had nothing but top-notch care (I have gone to Tufts for work before). A dental professor also checks out the student’s work to ensure s/he did a good job. I’ve been pleased with BU’s service thus far.

The downside is waiting. Getting an appointment is tricky, since your student dentist is still in classes and needs to schedule around those. You have to wait at the office, because the dental professors typically have a few students to check. It isn’t terrible, though; I usually check my email or listen to music while I wait.

I’m slowly getting more time for things and have more things to write about than time permits :).