When looking at a syllabus today, I realized how fast the semester is coming to a close. Of course, there is still plenty of work to be done, but my classes are only meeting about 5-6 more times.

Reinforcing the idea that this semester is almost over is that I registered for classes for the next. Unlike this semester, I will be at school Monday through Thursday; I decided to take all required courses, and that’s how it worked out. Unfortunately, there were no electives that worked into my schedules. I’m a little hesitant to take all required courses, but I’ll only have 2 or so more required courses for the next year. The only other negative is that I cannot attend Najmat’s class for the next semester. Not only is it good for my dancing, but it is also good for the social side of things. A few of the students and I are fairly good friends, and it’s nice to have that consistent group there; I suspect next semester I won’t have classes with the same people I did this semester. On the plus side of things, I think it’s a good opportunity to try some new teachers. As amazing as Najmat is and as much as I intend on returning to her classes after spring semester, I also know it’s good to try new teachers and be taken out of your comfort zone. Also, an acquaintance may join me for some private lessons, which would be fun.

So now off to tackle the pile of schoolwork and not get too sad about the dreary weather.