This blog is a project of mine to share my journey in dance and physics. I hope, at the very least, it’s interesting to people and perhaps provides some insight on the life of a dancer and “normal” person. The contents speak for themselves, but to be succinct, it’ll be about what I do as a dancer and physics students, struggles and success, thoughts and opinions on dance, etc.

The title, “Undulations”, comes from several sources of inspiration. In Middle Eastern dance, one of the moves is sometimes called an undulation. Undulation or undulating is often used to describe waves, and waves are a very important aspect of physics, my field of study. I also hope this blog will document many aspects of being a dancer and student, which like a wave, has its ups and downs.

I try to write something daily. I think it’s a good practice to sit down with your thoughts and articulate them frequently. I can’t guarantee a daily entry, due to busy schedules or simply nothing to write (I try to write for content’s sake, not for number of posts), but I do try to write something frequently.

I began this blog on July 2nd. I hope to be around for awhile.