I’m midway on my way to Chicago; I have a layover in DC. Google is being generous this Christmas and supplying the airports with free wifi. Woohoo!

I won’t be able to make any of them, but Arabesque is hosting some workshops post-Christmas.

Have a happy holiday if I don’t post anything tomorrow and safe travels to those of you who are like me and traveling this holiday season.


I’ve been working steadily on my thesis, since I haven’t been able to schedule an interview with company B. Perhaps it’s some kind of karmic revenge; I had announced that company B was interested in a second interview with me and now I can’t schedule it. The HR person has been good, but the person with whom the interview is quite busy and hasn’t gotten back to him. I imagine the holiday weekend hasn’t helped.

I haven’t found too much in the job search lately, but again, I suspect that it may have something to do with the holiday. I’m more optimistic about the job search here; at least things are appearing in the Boston-area whereas nothing showed up in Chicago.

The other way I’ve been keeping busy is acquainting myself with Providence. Since I don’t drive, I walk everywhere. Providence is quite charming. I miss Chicago a lot (I have a dream/nightmare about leaving Chicago), but Providence isn’t too shabby. Not home but nice.

On Saturday, I arrived in Providence, RI. My move was epic fail. On Friday, I spent most of the day trying to talk to my movers. On Saturday, they didn’t show and worse, sent a cancellation at 12 noon. I told them that I was leaving at 12 noon to catch my flight. Luckily, my SO’s parents are awesome and repacking and sending my stuff. I did a decent job packing for moving which is different from packing for shipping. I feel like a jerk leaving my stuff, but- I didn’t have a lot of choices. I’m still upset about my movers. I find it truly unprofessional to cancel so last minute (allegedly, a truck was broken) and then to not even call to apologize or inform me of the situation.

As I said that day, some day I will laugh about it. Today is unfortunately not that day. I slept for about 12 hours once I moved to Providence (I am staying with friends), and I spent Sunday preparing for my cats. Monday I went into Boston to interview and see my SO. The interview was relatively short (35 min; I am accustomed to at least an hour long interview). I think it went okay. Right now, I’m trying to organize another interview, as well as work on my thesis. Jobs being posted have ceased a little, which is a little distressing, but I hope that they’ll pick up as the month continues.

I miss Chicago. I feel sureal being back; I can’t really describe it, but I haven’t mentally clicked that the New England area is my home again. I guess I may be in denial, since I had visited at least once a year during my stint in Chicago. Oh well. I think it’ll be an adventure. I just need a job to fund it!

The sun has finally showed up today, which is nice. I haven’t seen much of the Chicago area in the past few weeks (school and neighborhood). I’m going to miss it. I’m a sentimental fool at times, but I did like living here. I did make some friends. I think, unfortunately, to continue the theme from Fight Club (a small handful of my friends and I have been obsessing over it; it’s amazing if you haven’t seen it), I came to Chicago at a very strange time in my life.

Moving this time has been one of the more stressful moves. I’ve never hired movers before, let alone cat movers. The communication has been fair to poor, and that leaves me anxious.

I look forward to leaving Chicago right now, because my life feels like it’s stagnant. I have an interview Monday and hopefully another interview this week coming up (I received a call back interview from a job I had interviewed before). I like Chicago a lot, and I ambivalent about moving back to the East coast; however, there are simply not jobs here. I did try getting a job here for quite a while, and it just isn’t happening. I’m not convinced that it is me but the economy. Five people in the class before me don’t have jobs; that’s 5 out of 7, and one of them had a job coming into grad school. Some of them haven’t had a job for about a year. It’s scary times out there. As much asĀ  I hate a thousand mile move, I can’t wait around on a job that probably doesn’t exists. The odds don’t appear to be in my favor.

Even though I’d close to being done with packing, there is still more to do. I guess the next time I write, I’ll be in Providence, RI.

I haven’t gotten to see very much lately of the city, besides my school and where I live, but I started realizing today that I did grow to enjoy living here. Chicago isn’t perfect, to say the least, but it has been home for the past 2 years. After being rather transient (since I was 17, I’ve spent the academic year living in one place and summers somewhere else), I liked living in one place consistently. For misc. reasons, I’ve lacked a lot of stability in my life since my mother died, so being in one place and having a routine was good for me. That isn’t say that I would’ve been thrilled having a set routine in another city. People in Chicago are incredibly nice. It’s very pretty, and I love my neighborhood.

One of the biggest disappointments for me this summer has been that I haven’t had the time to trek up to Arabesque or go take lessons with Danielle. I’m going to miss them. I have had a lot of growth in my dance since moving here; I think I have more questions than answers, though! The more I’ve learned the less I realize know or am solid about, like what style am I? I regret not playing more in the dance community, too. They are very nice people, and- it’s nice to be a part of a good community. I’m thankful that I did participate in the community, even if it was on the fringes.

Probably around every time this year, I write something about getting nostalgic. I’m not one who embraces changes. The unknown scares the beejezus out of me, honestly. Some people say good things can happen, but I don’t see why bad things aren’t equally probable. I still don’t have a job. The money Obama is pumping into science- it happens in September, allegedly, but national labs take a long time to hire, and who knows what kind of jobs they are? One of the downsides of physics jobs is that they want specific knowledge and experience. I talked with a professor the other day; his best advice was to learn as much as you can and network like crazy.

In any case, the summer is drawing itself to a close. It’s cold here in Chicago, about 60some degrees Farenheit. The future is creeping in, even in the weather.

It’s Independence Day in the US. I unfortunately have decided to skip the barbeque I was invited to (weather in Chicago is quite dismal right now, and it looks like inevitable rain) to visit the people at the hospice and work on my thesis. I took yesterday off to lounge around a bit (applied for some jobs, watched a DVD that I’ll review tomorrow). It’s difficult to “keep my eye on the prize”, because I feel a little burnt out right now. I haven’t had much of a vacation in years. By vacation, I mean break of sorts. Just a week or so to sit around, walk places, etc. It would be nice to travel, but I think I need more relaxation than hop around a bunch of different places, feeling obligated to see everyone and everything.

Part of me considers quitting my volunteer work to allow for more “me” time, but it really takes about 3 hours out of my week, including travel. Not that much, in the grand scheme of things and supposedly visiting Alzheimer’s patients helps them with their loneliness. I could slow down the thesis, but I’m hoping I have job come Sept/late August, so I don’t want to have the adjustment of a new job with a thesis.

I really just need to keep myself going. Anyway, I hope everyone else has a relaxing holiday.

There is finally a teacher here (Natya Dance troupe) that is convenient in location and time. However, I’ve been thinking it over, and I’m not sure I can justify it to myself. Since I’m quite possibly moving, I don’t know how worthwhile it is for me to start their classes for just the summer and then go onto another teacher. Also, although I know they can command it (Natya is quite renowned) justly, I’m not sure if I can justify $20/group class to myself.

If you’re interested, I’ll forward the info I got from them. The class starts on June 6th.