Yesterday, I bought my first real set of work clothes. I’ve never had a job that I had specific work clothes. Lab work never required anything fancy and even when I had an office job, I was allowed to wear nice jeans and a nice top. While it was never explicitly stated to me that I needed business casual clothes, I observed most people who work at the school dress that way. I went out with my good friend to go shopping for good quality but cheap pants. I have a fair number of nice tops, but I am a jeans or gaucho pants kinda gal. Thank goodness for Frugal Fannie’s and sales.

I am nervous about starting Tuesday (I’ve been preparing today and will continue to do so tomorrow). Students don’t trust new people; I learned that from substitute teaching for labs or just simply starting out the quarter with a new set of kids. I’m also concerned about having enough material. Teaching at my grad school was nice, in some respects, because we were handed everything that we needed. I’m coming up with original material.

Of course, I am also searching for a part-time job. I have an interview tomorrow and many applications out. At this time of year, I’m not sure how lucky I will be with finding a part-time job. People have suggested seasonal work to me, but as much as I need the money (and I do), I hesitate to give up my Christmas. I’m not from MA, and I want to spend Christmas with people, especially in light of my father’s death. I couldn’t justify leaving on Christmas Eve and then taking an early flight back for a seasonal job. For my own sake, I need to have Christmas be somewhat relaxing. With a holiday job, I would inevitably have to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

As per usual, wish me luck.


I’m somewhat out of the woods in unemployment land. I was hired officially today as an adjunct professor (I may even get to be addressed as professor) at a community college. I look forward to it. Even though I’ve been rather negative about the whole job search thing and stuff in my life, I was hesitant to share this news. It happened very fast. I decided to call the place, instead of waiting. I had always heard that one waits to hear back, but since the ad specifically listed that they were hiring fast (I start Tuesday), I decided it wasn’t in my best interest to wait. I now wonder how much better I would’ve been calling instead of emailing. Oh well.

The interview took over 2 hours. In terms of interviews, this was not the longest (longest being 7 hours or so, including lunch), but it was an interview. I never know how to read interviews sometimes. I think I landed the job not only because of my initiative to call but also that I can both teach physics and relate to the students; we come from similar backgrounds, even if I’ve managed to do all right for myself.

The job is pretty good; 2 lecture sections and 1 lab of intro physics is all I teach. I’m a little nervous about filling time, really leading a lecture, and so on, but I think I can handle it. The school is very supportive, too, which is good.

The downfall is that being adjunct doesn’t pay well. Well, that’s half true. This position pays decently for the amount of time I’m going to work (or so I estimated), and it would leave me with time to get a part-time job. However, it’s scoring that part-time job. I may be able to get some tutoring through the school, but it is unclear how much right now. I’m hoping for about 10+ hours, but we shall see. I’ve been applying for more tutoring jobs from Craig’s List, as well as other misc. jobs around. Hopefully I get something else soon. I’m not picky about pay or anything, I just need something to supplement my income.

This weekend is going to be spent preparing to teach. I’m excited and scared simultaneously. Wish me luck!

I haven’t been on here writing, because life is rather depressing right now. Company B, after over 4 weeks, did manage to interview me on the phone. Unfortunately, the interview was not what I had hoped. Friends had warned me that Company B probably did not have a job, hence the delay in interviewing. However, I chose to be optimistic. Optimism broke my heart. Company B had someone call me quite late, because the interviewer didn’t even realize that I was scheduled to be interviewed. As a result, the interview felt quite rushed and off. I did my best, of course. Other than that, the interviewer outright said that Company B is going through some restructuring where they aren’t sure where people best fit. The interviewer thought that another office may have something for me to telecommute.

After I had hung up the phone, I realized that I didn’t get the email address from the interviewer (I always send a thank you note). I call up the HR rep, who was typically wonderful, only to discover he no longer worked there. Within 24 hours, I discovered a “thanks, no positions but we’ll keep you in mind” email after trying a different HR rep (the secretary sent my call to her, only got voicemail). Not only was this the most ideal position for me, but also I had stupidly hoped that because the HR rep kept me on hold for so long that I would get hired.

I’ve obviously been applying to every job for which I’m qualified. I have about a year’s worth of administrative experience. I did calling for the fundraising at my undergraduate school every year I was there. Unfortunately, at least my experience in 2006-2007, people don’t like hiring physics folk for admin work. I had people outright tell me that I’d bored and I’d quit soon. My snazzy thought in my brain says “I’m bored being unemployed, because I don’t have the money to anything. I wouldn’t quit, because I have nowhere to go.” I haven’t had those experiences yet, but I do wonder if my resume is getting overlooked because of that. Of course, I want a physics job. I went to school for 6 years in it and have done a fair amount of research. However, I’m not stupid enough to hold out for a mythical job. Obama allegedly has given money to science, but I have yet to see an increase of job postings in this sector. Part of me thinks that the jobs will go to PhDs, anyway.

The other hard part about getting an admin job (or any job for that matter) is most hiring folks are looking for specific skills. Very specific skills. I submitted my resume yesterday to a job that I was perfectly qualified for, save for one type of software that I am almost 100% sure I could learn in a few hours (gift processing). I’m great with learning software. Unfortunately, the person is holding out for someone who knows the software from day one, and they don’t want someone who knows many types of software and could definitely learn this software fast. I don’t feel comfortable lying about it, because I think lying could backfire easily.

I’ve been putting my resume out there for temp agencies. Unfortunately, the temp agency I had used originally in 2006-2007 hasn’t been helpful yet. I don’t know if it’s a sign of the times or a sign that I haven’t made a connection. I think I benefitted from that temp agency, because the recruiter I used was empathetic towards me and knew I did a good job. I assumed my track record with them would be adequate to prove I’m a good worker.

Today I went to two different temp agencies. I think it went well with both, but the thing with temp agencies is that I can never tell. The workers there, with a few exceptions, are very nice people. They said that I have a great resume, both experience-wise and aesthetically (the aesthetic comment is a new one for me). However, I’ve had people not find work for me who seemed to like me.

I’ve also attempted to network more. I’ve contacted everyone I know, from college friends to old profs to old dance teachers. In general, people genuinely like me and will go to bat for me. However, no one in my network is in a powerful position or knows powerful people. I tried using Twitter today, per the suggestion of a friend, to see if that would work. I only received a spam reply. If you are in the Boston-area and have a legal job for me, contact me please.

So that’s my status in life. This why I haven’t been updating. I am too busy worrying and job applying simultaneously to really dance or participate in my favorite discussions.

I’ve been working steadily on my thesis, since I haven’t been able to schedule an interview with company B. Perhaps it’s some kind of karmic revenge; I had announced that company B was interested in a second interview with me and now I can’t schedule it. The HR person has been good, but the person with whom the interview is quite busy and hasn’t gotten back to him. I imagine the holiday weekend hasn’t helped.

I haven’t found too much in the job search lately, but again, I suspect that it may have something to do with the holiday. I’m more optimistic about the job search here; at least things are appearing in the Boston-area whereas nothing showed up in Chicago.

The other way I’ve been keeping busy is acquainting myself with Providence. Since I don’t drive, I walk everywhere. Providence is quite charming. I miss Chicago a lot (I have a dream/nightmare about leaving Chicago), but Providence isn’t too shabby. Not home but nice.

On Saturday, I arrived in Providence, RI. My move was epic fail. On Friday, I spent most of the day trying to talk to my movers. On Saturday, they didn’t show and worse, sent a cancellation at 12 noon. I told them that I was leaving at 12 noon to catch my flight. Luckily, my SO’s parents are awesome and repacking and sending my stuff. I did a decent job packing for moving which is different from packing for shipping. I feel like a jerk leaving my stuff, but- I didn’t have a lot of choices. I’m still upset about my movers. I find it truly unprofessional to cancel so last minute (allegedly, a truck was broken) and then to not even call to apologize or inform me of the situation.

As I said that day, some day I will laugh about it. Today is unfortunately not that day. I slept for about 12 hours once I moved to Providence (I am staying with friends), and I spent Sunday preparing for my cats. Monday I went into Boston to interview and see my SO. The interview was relatively short (35 min; I am accustomed to at least an hour long interview). I think it went okay. Right now, I’m trying to organize another interview, as well as work on my thesis. Jobs being posted have ceased a little, which is a little distressing, but I hope that they’ll pick up as the month continues.

I miss Chicago. I feel sureal being back; I can’t really describe it, but I haven’t mentally clicked that the New England area is my home again. I guess I may be in denial, since I had visited at least once a year during my stint in Chicago. Oh well. I think it’ll be an adventure. I just need a job to fund it!