My job has finally begun, sort of. I’m supposed to be very around now, although there isn’t that much for me to do. I have maybe one task to do per day, so I spend a lot of time waiting, in case the professor do need something.

The program is running pretty well, from the students I talked to. No one is upset or overwhelmed by the work (I was told part of my job is being supportive, because this course can be intimidating). I’m still sussing out not only what my role and duties are but also what the course’s purpose is. I know it’s for teachers to learn how to be scientifically minded, but that’s a rather vague goal. What has been most useful for me for finding out the purpose/benefit has been just talking to people. I sit mostly with the one group, because they’re in the same building I’m camping out in and the other people aren’t into the social aspect (they take a shorter lunch).

One of the teachers  who participated in the other class last year said, as a result of this class, she has become more enthusiastic about science and that transfers over to the students. I never thought about it that way. I was looking for something more tangential, like they have all this knowledge or have projects to take back home. Her response was pretty profound and totally sensible. Thinking back about what I get out of classes/workshops I take, sometimes the best thing I get out of it is I have a revitalized energy and focus.


Last night’s dance class in the hot, hot studio has me concluding one thing: it’s time to get new dance clothes. The longish yoga pants I wear are no longer working, at least in this weather. We had air conditioning, somewhat, yesterday, but it was only running about an hour prior to dance class beginning. The studio was barely tolerable, which made me realize I should probably get some dance shorts. I have considered a dance/workout wardrobe for 4 seasons before, but the weather has simply been too intolerable in Boston lately.

Bharatanatyam, however, I’m unfortunately going to have literally sweat that one out. We’re expected to wear the tunics and proper pants (not shorts; a girl was scolded once for wearing shorts), despite the heat. Our teacher tries to take it easier on us when it’s hot, but on hot days, I leave class dripping with sweat and I don’t normally sweat that much.

Despite the summer’s unusual (this, as far as I understand, is highly unusual for Boston) heat, I’ve still been trying to fit in practicing and keeping up with my normal dance stuff. However, without air conditioning (thank goodness for living garden level!), it makes things a bit more difficult. Lethargy has set in in my apartment, from me to the cats. If anyone has any good tips to keep up the work ethic in this heat, I’d be game to hear them.

Working as an admin has been sort of relaxing, which is a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of teaching. There is work that needs to be done, of course, but nothing compared to teaching. On the flip side, teaching is largely something I can control. I make lessons plans and grade. That’s all in my control. With my admin work, it’s ensuring people fill out and submit forms, which is a little more difficult than I anticipated. I’m on the type A personality side of things, so it’s a little difficult for me to fathom why forms aren’t there on day one.

Every job has its trade offs.

So I’ve been working my summer job, working for a summer class aimed at teachers, for the past 2 weeks, give or take. The job doesn’t appear to be difficult (administrative work). I was told the only difficult part is getting people to turn in the forms. I don’t have to work hard necessarily, but the hours are strange. I feel like I’m on-call. I’ll receive emails at any given hour, though they don’t come in that frequently. For instance, I’ll receive an email at 6 AM but won’t receive another until 9 PM at night.

As to be expected, people are people, even teachers. The emails are sometimes imperative though very last minute, which really is why I feel like I’m on-call. They range from late cancellation (late being day of) to confusion about where to go. Because there is a wait list for the program, I feel that it’s necessary to take care of things ASAP. Thank goodness for cell phones with email!

Despite the on-call feeling, I’m also stuck with a massive amount of time. I’m still job searching for a second part-time job not only to earn extra cash but to also to stave off boredom. I find that I’m most productive when I’m a little busier than when I have oodles of time on my hand. Finding summer work is very difficult; because of my current job, I have to be somewhat fussy about what I choose, since there are a handful of mandatory days for me to attend. Going back to grad school means I won’t take a job knowing that I’m going to quit in a few short months. The temp agencies that I called yesterday are optimistic, so hopefully they’ll come up with something.

It’s a shame that we can’t mix these excessively free periods with the crazy busy ones :).

You know it’s the end of the year when the tutoring center has people show up and suddenly, you get to tutor everything. I tutored for about 2 hours today. I did physics, calc, and English.

Since final grades are due Friday, I have a lot of work ahead of me. My math students are taking their final now as I type this entry. My physics students take their final tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m more or less set up to just grade the final and then have the final grades done. There is some leeway, but on a whole, I feel most students have performed consistently throughout the semester. I don’t look forward to the grading; I used to not mind grading so much, but there is always so much to be done.

Although I enjoy teaching, I’m looking forward to the summer. It looks like I have employment (I have to do one last interview/talk with some people this week, but my new advisor basically told me that the job is mine). The pay isn’t amazing, but it is indeed enough to get through the summer. I’m also looking at other small ways to supplement my income.

In terms of next year with the school, I hope to teach one or two classes. Since I’ll be a full-time student, I can’t swing a lot. However, I want to stay actively involved with everyone here. I enjoy the environment a lot, and I’d like to become a better teacher. I’m not sure if I could ever teach full-time (I’m hoping to do more education research), but I think that part of me will always like teaching. Besides helping guide people in their education, I like that teaching helps keep things fresh in my brain.

We’re in our last week of classes; next week is finals.

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost finished. In some ways, this is scary, since I kind of have a summer job. I haven’t accepted it, but without any prospects, it looks like I will be. The pay isn’t great, but some income is better than none. I’m still looking at ways to supplement my income, so hopefully I find something soon. On one hand, I’ll have somewhat financial security come August/September, but I still have to weather May, June, July.

While I did have an overall enjoyable semester, I look forward to summer break. Partially because getting up at 6 AM to ensure I arrive at school by 8 AM to teach is draining. I’m not a morning person, and waking up so early on dark, dreary days is difficult. I look forward to a bit of a later start.

In terms of next semester and teaching, because my classes are night classes, I will try to teach one or maybe two classes here. Besides the extra income and keeping a strong connection, I genuinely enjoy my job. The pay isn’t the greatest (this is adjunct work), but I’m lucky to wake up (even if it’s dead early) and work with people I genuinely like and respect. My coworkers are really interesting people that I like to socialize with on the office level. My students are challenging, but there are moments when teaching does feel worthwhile.

If I don’t post much this week, you’ll know why. I’m up to my nose in grading. Final grades are due about 2 days after I give my last final!

My current job has no need for additional adjuncts during the summer, so I’m off to find another job. While I’m not surprised (I’m the lowest ranked person in the office, I believe), I am disappointed. I like teaching, and I hate searching for employment. The economy is still rough, which means that jobs are scarce. In some ways, this job search is more difficult than my previous one, because I don’t want anything permanent and won’t take a permanent job knowing that I’ll quit in a few months. In my opinion, you shouldn’t burn bridges with any company. You never know who knows whom.

I have some applications out, but I haven’t heard anything back. I haven’t been waiting that long, but waiting is difficult. While I’m only going to be temporarily unemployed, it is bothersome, because I can always use the money and more importantly, I can start planning on excursions and/or dance stuff. I’d like to finally treat myself to a good, decent length vacation, but without a job, I’d rather not spend the money.