My current job has no need for additional adjuncts during the summer, so I’m off to find another job. While I’m not surprised (I’m the lowest ranked person in the office, I believe), I am disappointed. I like teaching, and I hate searching for employment. The economy is still rough, which means that jobs are scarce. In some ways, this job search is more difficult than my previous one, because I don’t want anything permanent and won’t take a permanent job knowing that I’ll quit in a few months. In my opinion, you shouldn’t burn bridges with any company. You never know who knows whom.

I have some applications out, but I haven’t heard anything back. I haven’t been waiting that long, but waiting is difficult. While I’m only going to be temporarily unemployed, it is bothersome, because I can always use the money and more importantly, I can start planning on excursions and/or dance stuff. I’d like to finally treat myself to a good, decent length vacation, but without a job, I’d rather not spend the money.


After a long, peaceful break, I begin school on Tuesday. Lots to prepare for that still. The syllabus was changed last minute (the department of the students’ major wanted electricity and magnetism introduced in the beginning of the semester; EM is usually introduced after a Newtonian mechanics section), so quite a bit of the planning I had done is for nothing :(. Oh well. Part of life is being flexible. Some things are salvageable, but I have to spend some time planning things I wasn’t anticipating planning.

Hopefully, I’ll be prepared for this week.

I’m midway on my way to Chicago; I have a layover in DC. Google is being generous this Christmas and supplying the airports with free wifi. Woohoo!

I won’t be able to make any of them, but Arabesque is hosting some workshops post-Christmas.

Have a happy holiday if I don’t post anything tomorrow and safe travels to those of you who are like me and traveling this holiday season.

It’s Independence Day in the US. I unfortunately have decided to skip the barbeque I was invited to (weather in Chicago is quite dismal right now, and it looks like inevitable rain) to visit the people at the hospice and work on my thesis. I took yesterday off to lounge around a bit (applied for some jobs, watched a DVD that I’ll review tomorrow). It’s difficult to “keep my eye on the prize”, because I feel a little burnt out right now. I haven’t had much of a vacation in years. By vacation, I mean break of sorts. Just a week or so to sit around, walk places, etc. It would be nice to travel, but I think I need more relaxation than hop around a bunch of different places, feeling obligated to see everyone and everything.

Part of me considers quitting my volunteer work to allow for more “me” time, but it really takes about 3 hours out of my week, including travel. Not that much, in the grand scheme of things and supposedly visiting Alzheimer’s patients helps them with their loneliness. I could slow down the thesis, but I’m hoping I have job come Sept/late August, so I don’t want to have the adjustment of a new job with a thesis.

I really just need to keep myself going. Anyway, I hope everyone else has a relaxing holiday.

The funny thing about vacations is you need a vacation from them. Time to catch up on sleep, home stuff (grocery shopping, laundry)… Unfortunately, I had to jump back into work. We didn’t get home until around 10:30 PM, and I had to be at work/school by 10:15 AM. Not pleasant.

We began summer school teaching today. It went okay. I’m amazed that students sign up to take summer physics and get something out of it. My learning style involves more time for digestion; I don’t care for the quarter system (10 weeks of class, as opposed to the 15 weeks in a semester), and I don’t understand how you can learn something in about 3 weeks.

I also came back to being part of my lab. One of my favorite things about my lab is we’re a community of sorts. Everyone is interested in everyone’s research, we do at free will talk to each other about it, and there is some level of respect and appreciation there. Today’s sign was the practice run of a grad’s thesis defense. I thought it was cool that people did make the effort to show up, even if that was the only reason to be there. My advisor genuinely wanted us all to support this student. My experience at school has been- variable, but I genuinely do enjoy my lab. Today is just an example of why.

Tomorrow is yet another day of work, as well as the real run of this student’s thesis defense.

I went on vacation briefly and forgot to announce that. More updates will come tomorrow; I am dead tired and have work tomorrow.

Happy 2009! I hope everyone had an awesome New Year’s Eve. I mself had a very quiet one in, which was nice.

Since I’m a goal-oriented person, here are my goals in physics and dance this year. I hope that they will guide me along.

  • Do well in school. Enough said.
  • Practice more and incorporate other things into practice. I basically want to start really incorporating more yoga into my practice. Since my schedule is weird because of school, I’m also looking to start using DVDs as a supplement to my practice. I will write about the change of mentality with that later.
  • Complete my thesis defense by August.
  • Save money to go onto a trip. I haven’t done a long vacation in a while, so this is really an award/treat for me.
  • Practice Odissi on my own. I miss Odissi a lot, and I have the book that my teacher wrote, outlining many steps or arsas. I feel like I understand enough of the posture to at least be able to drill and keep the strength in my legs.
  • Gain proficiency with tribal dance and learn Turkish Oriental. I love Egyptian Oriental, but I am interested in spreading my wings and trying other styles. Tribal I’ve been doing, but I’d love to be better. Turkish is very new to me, but I love the energy in it. Since my overlying goal in dance is to eventually become some flavor of professional, I’d like to increase my knowledge.
  • Expand and refine folkloric and lesser known Middle Eastern dance. I loved what I did with Aradia while I was in Vegas. I want to learn whatever I can this year. Raqs al assaya (cane), melaya leff, anything.
  • Attend as many workshops as possible. Disappointingly, there has not been much word about workshops in Chicago and making it to other workshops outside of Chicago is difficult. However, I hope everyone just got so busy with the holidays that they haven’t posted events yet.
  • Practice zills and veil. I really would like to be better at both. Zills done well are just amazing and veil is so beautiful.